Friday, September 27, 2013

My Exciting Week Here in Mexico

Well, that may have been a tad bit sarcastic.  I have spent this past week here:

I have been sick since Monday and while I can't remember the last time I was this sick for this long, I sure have a lot to be grateful for.  Today I left my house for the first time since Monday, which felt so nice.  There is something so refreshing about smelling fresh air, interacting with people, seeing something besides the cinder block walls of my bedroom.  I really have had so much to be grateful for, so here is a list of some of the things, but not all of the things I have to be grateful for this week.

People brought me food, multiple times a day.   I never had to ask anyone, people would just show up with more food than I could eat a few times a day.  (I didn't have much of an appetite, so a full banana would be more food than I could eat.)  Since we eat all our meals in the cafeteria, I wouldn't have eaten anything if people hadn't brought me food.

Medicine!  People brought me medicine, which after becoming a drug addict on a few different things, I finally got my fever to calm down today.  It makes me grateful for both those who brought me the medicine, and those who invented it.

Substituting.  Multiple other teachers dropped plans they had to teach my classes for me.  Some taught on their days off and others taught while they themselves weren't feeling so great themselves.  Pure kindness.

Visits.  Several teachers would stop by to say hello or pop their heads into my room to check on me.  It was nice to have some human interaction, as I was pretty isolated.  Someone even stopped by out of the blue with chocolate, which by the way, was delishish.

Sleep.  I have been sleeping 16-17 hours a day, no joke.  I feel like my talent to be able to sleep was well used.

Priesthood.  This is listed last, but not the least.  I got a priesthood blessing last night, and since then I have been on the upward swing.  The power is real, and I am surrounded by many worthy and willing priesthood holders.  I am so blessed.

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