Friday, September 13, 2013

Why I decided to come to Mexico and what I have been up to

So, I keep getting asked the question of why/ how I decided to come down to Mexico, so I thought I would document it here.  Back... I don't remember exactly when, but it was cold outside, so it was near the beginning of the year, we had a meeting regarding the new Mexico MTC for all the Spanish teachers at the Provo MTC.  I was kind of anxious to hear what it was going to be about, because they had a meeting for all the Portuguese teachers when they opened the Brazil MTC and pretty much told them all their jobs were terminated, but I had a good feeling about this meeting and felt like that I was willing to support whatever happened.  The day of the meeting came and we were told that there was an opportunity for us apply to go work down in Mexico.  I had a lot of promptings leading up to that point that something like this was coming into my life, and I instantly felt like this was something I really needed to do, so I put in my application.  There were a lot of applications and I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to go.  It was a long two weeks to wait to hear back, but I got the email, that I was accepted to come work down here.  It really has been so great here.  We have been able to explore a few places, so now here we have a photo dump (from facebook), mostly from our adventure last week at "el centro", but also a couple other ones too.

It poured on us.  We were literally soaked all the way through.

We thought we were crowded on the bus, but I hadn't ridden the metro at that point, that is a story for another day, but it is crazy!  There are 34 million people in this city!
This was outside of some... really cool building, but I don't remember what it was.  Just know if was really cool.

This was a museum of torture.  It didn't seem like an appealing place to go, but my dad keeps on telling me I need to go back and see it.  I'd rather not pay to see things that would make me cringe.

This was some sort of school that was in a really cool old building that some sort of school or college was in.
We were trying to break some of our change in order to get some coins to take the bus and ran into a bunch of children getting out of school.

There was this cool mirror that looked up to the ceiling that was so beautiful.  It was elaborate and and incredible.  The picture doesn't even begin to do it justice.  Someone had a good idea to try to take a picture with our faces and the ceiling in the reflection of the mirror.

Fun times in "el centro!"
Carson, Ale, and I all served in the same mission and here were, all in Mexico!  We went to get churros before Carson left to return to the states.  We had our own little mini mission reunion at "Churros Reyenos."  BTW, the churros here are amazing.  They are stuffed with all sorts of amazing things.  Mmmm!

Slack-lining, brought from the states.  I was pretty good at staying up (as long as I was holding someone's hand on either side).  This was in the bosque on the edge of the CCM.  (translation: bosque= forest, CCM= MTC)

Independence day is this weekend here in Mexico.  I am excited to see how they celebrate here in Mexico.


  1. It looks like you are having a blast, happy for you and your new adventure. How long are you going to stay there for?
    We are dying to go to Mexico with my hubby.
    When you have time check out my new blog.

    1. Hey, this was a slow response, but thanks for the comment. I am here for three months and just hit my half way mark. It is going crazy fast. Your blog looks great! I will have to keep checking back. I love that kind of stuff.