Saturday, September 14, 2013

I love to see the temple and other great places

These top four pictures are at a place called Bellas Artes.  It is really beautiful with beautiful architecture. 

These pictures were just downtown in el Zocolo.  I is a really fun place to go explore.  

This was a really fun used bookstore that we explored.  There were stacks of books everywhere.  Some were newer and some were super old.  There were just stacks and pillars of books everywhere.  I could have spent hours exploring that place.

This was a beautiful cathedral we walked around.  I couldn't believe how ornate it was.  It was built on top of an ancient Aztec temple and there were glass panes in the ground that let you look down to see the ruins.  It was super cool.

 I got to go to the temple last Thursday, which was wonderful.  The top picture has the Mexican flag, which was fitting, since this whole week all of Mexico has been celebrating Independence day.  On the photo right above, I am with one of my districts.  It is a beautiful temple!

We had a stake activity to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day.  We had elotes (corn with mayonaise, cheese, lime, and chile), not very healthy, but delicious!  After everyone ate the corn, we had the presentation of the flag, "la grita", and then dancing with a live band until midnight.  They certainly put what our 4th of July pancake breakfasts to shame.  It was a blast!
This picture was just taken today.  We had the perfect rainy day activity (even though everyday is a rainy day).  We made a boston creme pie, but couldn't find half the ingredients at the store and didn't have half that tools to make it.  We didn't have a cake pan, so we used a pot, we didn't have measuring cups, so we guessed some amounts and used the lines on the blender for others.  We couldn't find anything that resembled pudding, so we made up a recipe with some random ingredients (some of which weren't really what we thought they were), but some how it turned out great.  So good, that we just ate cake for dinner instead of going next door to the cafeteria.  We ended up wanting real food later, so at 10:30 at night, we headed out to get tacos.

I am having a blast here and am so grateful to have this experience.  My Spanish had really improved already and I have been able to make so many great friends.  I missed cooking, but we were able to make the boston creme pie tonight, I missed kids and I was able to go hold a baby for a while yesterday.  Life is good!  I am so blessed!

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