Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Love Carpet! Also, thoughts on being an American in Mexico

So, carpet doesn't really exist here in Mexico, but we found carpet in this cute little art shop, so I had to take a picture on the carpet.  While we were exploring the Zocolo last week we ran into the most fun little art shop.  We talked to the man that owned the art shop and he has traveled all over the world buying and collecting pieces of art.  We were able to talk to him about the church too, which was really neat.  The fact that we are Americans here really gets people's attention.  I haven't seen any other white people since I have been here, except here at the MTC.  I have been surprised at how much I almost blend in here, which is kind of nice.  The teachers who are blonde have people constantly starting at them and calling at them.  I was walking home from church today with my friend/ roommate Sarah and I lost count of how many people honked their horns at us and made cat calls, simply because we were two American girls walking down the street.

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