Friday, May 23, 2014

Los Piramides de Teotihuacan

So, here begins the photo dump!  One of my biggest highlights of Mexico was going to see the pyramids.  They were incredible!  In fact, the only pyramids larger than these are found in Egypt!  Here is our group approaching the grounds.  We had an awesome tour guide who gave us a really neat perspective.  I learned so much that day.  It was a much more spiritual experience than I was expecting.  It was windy and cold that day!

Here we are with our tour guide.
This is the Pyramid of the Moon, the second largest pyramid.

 Here is a place where the people would gather to listen and be taught by their leaders.  It was incredible how well we could hear from a distance.

Here we are coming down one of the smaller pyramids.  Those steps were steep!

You can see down on the left again how steep the steps were.

There were so many incredible details that have been preserved for a long time. On the right, you see the feathered serpent, that represents the white god who came to visit.

Tarantula.  Yikes!
We learned so much!  Once again learning from our tour guide.  Love those plants in the background.

 I was so happy Valerie was able to come!

Here is most of our incredible group!  I miss them!

Incredible views!  Beauty everywhere!  When can I go back?
Love these people!  Both of these girls are getting married!  I can't believe it!

Nadia is the one that gets photo credit for most of these great photos.  She is one incredible woman.

It was a wonderful day with wonderful people!

Well, this post was pretty long, but considering the length of my emails home on my mission, it shouldn't be surprising.  :)