Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Typical Day in Jen's Mexico Life

So, if any of you wondered what I am up to on a day to day basis down here in Mexico, read on.  If not, go ahead and skip this post.

6:45, wake up and wonder why I didn't go to bed earlier the night before.  Pray, turn on the water, so it can take the next five minutes to warm up while I pick out what I am going to wear, get my things together for the day, etc.

7:40 breakfast in the cafeteria o puedo decir comedor.  I get food that I didn't buy, prepare, or clean up after.  Am I spoiled or what?

8:00-11:30 Teach my first district.  They are beginning missionaries that are really great.  There are twelve of them (which is bigger than most districts I have taught), so sometimes it feels like a lot to make sure all their needs are being met, but they all want to be here and are doing well.  Some struggle more than others with Spanish, but I feel like most of them are putting forth a good effort.  

12:00 Lunch in the comedor.  Same as breakfast, no effort required, except eating.

1:00-5:30 Relax or play.  We will often go explore something in the city or sometimes I will take a nap, do my laundry (which for me is fun), read, hang out with other teachers, and occasionally have a meeting or two.  Someone comes and cleans our house each week and replaces the sheets on our beds, so once again, I am super spoiled.  I also don't have any grocery shopping or errands to run, so the time is all mine to either relax or play.

5:30 Eat dinner in the comedor

6:00-9:30 Prep and teach my second district.  They are intermediate missionaries, which is super fun because they understand a lot and we don't have to spend as much time learning Spanish, so we have more time to practice and dig into the doctine.  It is also really nice that they understand me when I speak Spanish.
9:30 until... depends:  We will go out and get tacos, go get churros reyenos (churros that are stuffed with an assortment of , watch a movie, play sports, or just hang out and talk.  I usually go to bed way too late, but life is good.  Honestly, I really have nothing to complain about.

Because every blog post requires a picture or two, here are a couple pictures of my intermediate district diligently studying last night.  Aren't they so adorable?

P.S. If there are any spelling errors, please forgive me.  I am typing on a computer that thinks that everything is spelled wrong, because I am writing in English.

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