Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Random Pics from My Iphone from my first couple days

At the airport getting picked up on the good ol' yellow bus.

We saw this spider, it was huge!  The picture honestly doesn't do it justice.  I am not scared of spiders, but I was not a fan of this one.

We saw these two boys as we were walking back from church holding hands.  They were so cute!  I about died.

I knew it would be kind of rainy here, but seriously it pours every. single. afternoon. evening. and night.  This was a gutter full of water the next morning and I noticed it was full or WORMS!  How gross, right?

My house where I live.  It is pretty nice, particularly for Mexico, but there is no carpet anywhere.  One of the things I miss the most is carpet, so everyone back in the states, go enjoy your carpet.  I am headed to the temple tomorrow and am so excited to go walk on carpet.


  1. Love that you started a blog! I will be checking here regularly! Miss you Jen! Enjoy Mexico!!

    1. Thanks Emily! I just figured out how to respond to comments. How are you doing? I miss you too and think about you often.