Tuesday, November 5, 2013

La Plaza de las Tres Culturas and a 5K

So, I have been too busy having adventures to record my adventures, so I'm going to try to catch up, but no promises.  A few weeks ago, we headed out on a little adventure to see the Plaza de las Tres Culturas.  Translation, the plaza of the three cultures.  It is tucked into the downtown of Mexico City and there are Aztec ruins, a Spainard temple, and modern structures.  It was super interesting.  It was also very informative.  To me, it was kind of a sad story.  The Spaniards came in and wanted to demonstrate their superiority to the Aztecs, so the tore down part of the Aztec temple and used the stones to build a large and majestic cathedral.  The wanted to show their dominion over the Aztecs in a symbolic manner, which I found to be tragic.  The third culture is modern day buildings in the surrounding areas.  It has been a while since we went and I'm trying to get this up, so I will let the pictures tell most of the story.

This was a park a short distance away.  I LOVE the architecture here in this city.

And last, but not least the first annual CCM 5K!  Some took it more seriously than others.  I was definitely in the other group.  Don't ask me my time, but I ran the whole time, which was all I was shooting for, since I haven't really been running hardly at all here and we are over 7,000 feet of altitude.  We decided taking pictures along the way was more important than our time, but seriously, how could we not?  We had to jump over a trench and through caution tape!  We ended up mostly running on grass, this campus wasn't actually built to hold 5Ks, but we made it work and had a great time!

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