Sunday, December 8, 2013

Valerie comes, so we ate yummy food and headed back to the castle

While I was in Mexico, I convinced Valerie to fly down to spend a few days with me in Mexico.  She must love me, because she was willing to miss school and work to come enjoy one of the most incredible cities on this planet.  She would blog about it, but she came back trying to catch up on school and is now in the crunch of the end of the semester.

She flew in on a Friday night and a dear friend took me to the airport to pick her up.  We met up with her just after she made it through customs.  She was amazed at the size of the city, overwhelmed by all the Spanish, and immediately noticed the lack of seat belts.  We headed back to the CCM o sea the MTC, our oasis in the middle of the city and headed off to bed.

The next day was Saturday and I worked part of the day, but in between the shifts we made the time count.  First we headed out to a place close by to grab some yummy gorditas.  Mmm, so good.  I miss those.  Making my mouth water.  Miss those so much.

We then hopped on the bus and then the metro back to Chapultepec, so Valerie could see the castle.  She loved it.  I'll let the pictures tell most of the outing.

After the castle, we hopped back onto the metro and headed into Ciudadela.  I love that place!  It is an artisan market and I went there regularly.  The prices a reasonable and there are so many beautiful things from hand-blown glass, beautiful ceramics, incredible woodwork, embroidery, and sooo many other incredible items.  We ran in really quick and bought a couple things and headed back to the CCM, so I could be back for work.  That night we went out for churros, but this post is long enough, so I will put those up another time.

(We didn't take any pictures while we were there, so I just found this picture of the outside off of google.)

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