Monday, December 9, 2013


That Saturday after I finished work, we headed out to a place that I frequented during my time in Mexico.  Churros Rellenos!  We had to get three kinds, so Valerie could sample a few.  On top we have zaramora or blackberry with cream cheese on top, below we have lechera and fresa.  They were so yummy!

Not the most faltering picture, but its all we have.  Dan was sweet enough to come out with us that evening.

The sweet ladies making the churros.  They were so good and remembered our favorites.  They would often sneak in extra little things and our last night there had a little farewell for us.

As you can tell, these weren't the healthiest, but they sure were tasty.  Who wouldn't like something deep fried, covered in cinnamon sugar and then filled and topped with delicious toppings.

We snapped a quick picture and then hurried to put the camera away, because it was late and we we didn't want to get robbed.  The joys of Mexico!  But as a side not, I never really felt in danger and don't think the city is as dangerous as people think.

Next up, Sunday!  Where we make it to both the Mormon and Catholic church.  Jajaja

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